Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gas Pains

I was in Bentonville (AR) today running errands and noticed the price of gas was $2.249 for Regular Unleaded at a Shell station and a Phillips 66 station. Two miles down the road, a Citgo was charging $2.379 and another Phillips 66 was charging $2.319. Why the big difference in just a couple miles? I find it difficult to believe that a station charging $2.249 is actually losing money and am more inclined to believe the other stations were gouging. If you've read the news, you know Exxon-Mobil reported record profits in 2005. Isn't gas high enough without big oil reaming the customer?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Photos Removed

The unauthorized use of my photos by the blogger Bransonisevil has been rectified. My photos were removed from his site after he was told he did NOT have permission to use them. I don't mind sharing my photos as long as someone asks first.

Stolen Photos

A blogger by the name of Bransonisevil has "borrowed" some of my photos without permission. They are photos of the Lake Taneycomo bridge at Branson, Missouri that originally appeared on James Baughn's Midwestplaces web site. This individual has obviously ignored the copyright notice on the site and taken copies of the photos for his own twisted purpose: that being to post a fake news item about the collapse of the bridge. I have requested that this individual remove my photos and other related information, but thusfar has not done so. Thus is said blogger in violation of copyright laws. If he does not remove the photos, perhaps he will be kind enough to pay me for their use?