Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeling Better

I got the splint off and am now wearing a bandage around my ankle. I'm supposed to get me something called a 3D Walking Boot, but they are hard to find. I had a couple questions, so I called the doc today, but he never returned my call. So I guess I'll try again tomorrow. This doesn't make me very happy that he won't return my calls, but maybe he never got the message.

Although the splint is off, but the ankle is still swollen so I have some more nifty pain pills. For now, I don't need surgery on the ankle and as long as I'm careful, I won't. For now, I'm grateful to be rid of the itchy splint and that I (probably) won't need surgery. Maybe after I get the boot, I can attempt to get back to something resembling a "normal" life.

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