Thursday, November 02, 2006

Promises, Promises

Yes, I know I've been promsing more updates but I haven't found the time. Now that I've finally moved and settled into my new apartment, maybe I can start updating on a more regular basis.

For those who missed the memo, I have finally moved to Ft Smith. I've spent the last 25+ years in Fayetteville and I decided I needed a change. Shhhh... don't tell anyone, though. Everyone in the SCA thinks I've been living in Winslow (long story). It's a lot different down here... more relaxed in a way. I'm still learning my way around town... sort of. I know where almost everything is since I've visited a lot over the years (many of my SCA friends are down here), but it's a matter of finding the best way around. I-540 is probably the fastest way from south to north, but I have to drive either a mile south or 2 miles east to catch it. Yet, going through town takes forever.

But now that I'm here, I can explore areas I've not been through before such as east central Oklahoma or AR Highway 45 south of Ft Smith. So watch for assorted new travelogues &/or commentary coming soon (I hope). I also hope to start posting my motel reviews as well, if I can figure out which box my notes are in.

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