Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Confusion Reigns

My sister is moving to Fayetteville sometime this month. My folks are planning to meet her this weekend or next to see the house she wants to buy. Since I have a good head for roads, my mom called me asking the best way to Fayetteville from Nixa, MO. Easy: Mo 14 to US 60; West on US 60 to Mo 37; South on Mo 37 to US 62; West on US 62 to AR 94; East on AR 94 to US 71B then straight south on 71B to Fayetteville. Easy enough, no? NO!

My dad calls back the next day and asks how he can go east on 94 when he's going west on 62?
Simple: you're going west on 94, but it's posted as east. Long story. Short version: East 94 used to be West 62. Well, he sort of understood, but was still confused.

Hey, don't blame me... blame AHTD .

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