Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Project Safe and Sound

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has a unique proposal to repair or replace over 800 structurally deficient or hazardous bridges.
Project Safe and Sound requires contractors to repair or replace bridges across the state by 2012 then maintain them for 25 years before turning them over to the state.

A pdf file of the proposal can be found here.

If you scroll down to Page 9, you will see a set of 4 photographs depicting some of Missouri's more structurally deficient bridges.

On the far left is North Fork of the Spring River along State Route 126 in Barton County.
On the far right, is the Spring River along Business Route US 60 west of Verona.

These two bridges are of particular note as the photos featured were taken by me. Unfortunately, MoDOT neglected to contact me for permission or give me credit for the photos. Neither was James Baughn, who hosts the site bridgehunter website (and if you're reading this, Mr Baughn, thanks again for hosting my photos).

I have no problem sharing my photos, but please ask first!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Car Care Rip-Off Redux

I never did mention: I finally got my brakes fixed. About a week after the first incident, I took my van to a locally owned auto shop who had the same problem as that name brand place (ie: the computer couldn't diagnose the problem). He suggested I talk to the auto dealer regarding my problem.  

The dealer was able to run a diagnostic and found the problem to be nothing more than a software glitch in the van's computer. Cost? $100 . $100 to reprogram a software glitch... that seems a bit much. Then again, it did provide peace of mind knowing it wasn't a more serious problem.

The brakes themselves? They were fine... no problems at all.