Monday, October 01, 2007

Where Am I?

Roadgeeking consists of many things from following a road to see where it leads, finding old bridges , even tracking down old, abandoned roadways. The two photos above are such an example: the road has been abandoned and all but forgotten. BUT, where is it? Ahhhh, I can't say or at least I won't right now. ;)

Some of you may recognize this right away. Some of you have probably seen it, but never knew what it was.

What I am asking is if you know where this is or if you think you know, leave your best guess in the comments or write me directly at us71 at . I am also crossposting this quiz to misc.transport.road on usenet so you can also answer there. Later in the week, I'll post the correct answer and the names of anyone who guessed correctly.

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