Monday, May 12, 2008

RIP Full Serve Gas

My city has lost its last 2 "Full Service" gas stations.

One of them was sold both Full and Cash-only Self Service plus performed auto repairs. I noticed last week that the business has been sold and the new owner has removed the gas pumps.

A second station had only opened within the last 2 years in an old Conoco station. They advertised Full Service gas at Self Service prices. I noticed last month that the gas pumps are now blocked off.

I guess all the independents have being squeezed out by the high price of gas.

Speaking of gas: why do gas stations charge more for gas after it's already paid for and in the tanks? In other words: If the retail price goes up 10 cents, why do gas stations apply that price to gas they've already paid for as opposed to just the next shipment they receive?