Thursday, July 03, 2008

Road Words

Anyone who has spent any time at all on misc.transport.road has been subjected to the word viatology: a silly made-up name for the thing roadgeeks & road scholars do.

This morning, I discovered another new word:
retro-vating, which comes from the Route 66 discussion list. Used in a sentence, you could say "Debbie is retro-vating a motel back to it's former 66 glory". Now here's a made-up word that actually means something and you can understand it at a glance... unlike that other word ;).

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Robbery at the Gas Pump

I took a trip to Pine Bluff last weekend for an SCA function (that's Society for Creative Anachronism). On the way home, I took a few photos of sines & stuff for my Flickr pages. Along the way, I had occasion to make a pit-stop at a little truck stop near the community of Blackwell. Blackwell is, almost literally, a wide spot in the road. It consists of two liquor stores (the next county west is dry) and the afore-mentioned truck stop that first opened 2 years ago.

I found it rather strange that the gas prices weren't posted. Gas is way too expensive, I know , but why not post the price? As I drove by the pump, I noticed why the prices weren't posted:

The price was $4.15 a gallon for Regular Unleaded and $4.99 for Diesel. And guess what? People are buying the gas! A mere 10 miles east or west, the price for Regular Unleaded was $3.95... 20 cents cheaper! Diesel is running around $4.69 a gallon. So why is it so high here? No one is saying. I wonder if the people buying gas knew it was cheaper down the road?

Based upon my own experiences in the convenience store industry, I can tell you that the average profit on a gallon of gas is 5-8 cents. So this station must be making at least 25 cents profit per gallon... that seems a bit steep.

Again, no one can tell me why the gas costs so much more here. Maybe it's a simple case of greed?