Sunday, September 28, 2008

1700 and counting

I reached a milestone today: I now have over 1700 photos on my Flickr photo pages. I've been doing some cleaning in the computer room and found some forgotten CD's of photos dating back to as far as 2003. As I've been exploring them and uploading the best ones to my Flickr page, I found this photo of the Lightning Creek bridge west of Pittsburg, KS.An example of the Marsh Arch design, this bridge was built in 1927 along then US 160 (now K-126), this bridge was replaced in the Spring of 2004. Yes, it looks a little grainy: I took this photo with a 35mm disposable camera.

I've also uploaded some new photos as well including this Art Deco
traffic signal in Kansas City.
According to Mark Roberts of, this light was designed in the early 1930s by the architect Edward Buehler Delk. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago at the Kansas City Road Meet (more on that in another blog).

I'm still sorting so I'll probably have a few more photos in the next couple days. Ideally, I'd love to have at least 2500 photos by Christmas... perhaps as many as 3000. Yeah, that will be at least 2 road trips, possibly 3... and probably several random daytrips as well.

Well, I better get busy.

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