Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Year So Far

I was sorting through my 2008 photos this morning, debating on whether I should save some of them to CD. Imagine my surprise when my computer told me I had 4500 photos totalling 3GB (!!). If I'm going to burn some more photos to CD, I guess I'll have to do it on a quarterly basis since January through June I have nearly 3000 photos. I've actually travelled less this year than last, but I have more photos? Well, there was the St Louis Road Meet back in April from which I brought home 800+. Of course, I've been to several SCA events this year which all but requires me to take photos. I actually took more photos during Lilies War (950) than at Gulf War (865), which is odd considering I spent more time on the road going to & from Mississippi for Gulf Wars (including running from the freak snowstorm) than I did going to and from Kansas City for Lilies. Not that it really matters. It merely means I found more to photograph in Kansas City than I did in Mississippi & Louisiana (sorry, Froggie).

Next up is another road trip. It's back to Kansas City for MLOM's KC Road Meet. We'll be checking out the Grandview Tri, er, Three Trails Crossing, a few assorted bridges and who knows what else? If time permits, there's an antique traffic signal I was to find and photograph.

(* Yes, I know there's no AR 2008. It's just an illustration).

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