Sunday, October 05, 2008

KC Road Meet

A couple weeks ago, I travelled to Kansas City for the KC Roadmeet. We had a smaller turnout than expected, but it still went well. Attending were Mark Roberts from California, Richie Kennedy from Kansas, Scott Nazelrod from Oklahoma and our host, GR Van from Missouri. Following an exchange of maps and lunch at Gates BBQ, we headed out for our tour of Kansas City area roads. Our first stop was along Hillcrest Road for a view of the rebuilt Grandview Triangle/Three Trails Crossing, followed by a stop along Hickman Mills Road for a ground view of the Triangle. Following this, we got a quick look at the construction of the new Paseo I-29 bridge then wandered over into Kansas.

It was recently announced that US73 is being rerouted from its current terminus at I-435 to a new terminus at I-70 and Kansas 7, so we got a look at 73's current end, then explored its future end which is currently being rebuilt. This was no easy task as we had to go past the construction at K-7 then loop back around on a couple local roads.

Heading back to Gates BBQ, we had a chance to explore a rebuild of the US 69/I-435 interchange including new flyover ramps from 69 to 435. Returning to Gates, we parted company with Mark and Richie, then explored I-470 from the Triangle, all the way to I-70.

Returning to Gates once again, we said our good-byes and went our separate ways.

But that's by no means the end. I spent a couple hours in the morning doing some exploring of my own including several bridges including this old bridge over Brush Creek at 50th Street & Ward Parkway.
In the end, I came home with over 400 photos and wishing I'd had more time to explore the area. Maybe I'll find time this Fall before the weather get too cold.

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