Monday, October 20, 2008

Photo Update

I have uploaded another batch of photos to my Flickr pages this evening bringing my total number of photos to 1903 (for those of you who like to keep count ;)).

Today's upload is mostly scans of old photos from circa 2000-2002 including an old 2-digit style sign for US 64B near Wynne, Arkansas. There's also a nice shot of a tunnel along US 82 near Cloudcroft, NM. I am slowly reaching my goal of 2300 photos before December 31st (maybe more if I'm lucky). That's only 400 more photos: I take that many on a single SCA weekend (not that they're all usable).

I still want to go back to Lawton, Oklahoma and replace the photos I lost back in September, plus chase down a couple more bridges. I also need to make plans for the weekend of November 2nd: maybe an overnight trip to grab some photos.


So much to see, so little time. Eventually, I want to go back to Kansas City and look for some more bridges plus follow US 71 into Iowa north of Interstate 80. I also want to explore US 65 again in southern Arkansas and in Louisiana, possibly parts of old US 80 as well.

If I thought I had better than a snowball's chance in H*LL, I'd buy a couple lottery tickets and use my winnings to go exploring the open road. Maybe someday.

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