Monday, November 10, 2008

More Photos

I have posted some new photos on my Flickr page bring the total to 2005. New items on this update include construction on future Interstate 69 connector near Pine Bluff and the discovery of a short section of abandoned US 65 near Woodson, AR at the Pulaski-Grant county line: a remnant if its early 1960's alignment.

For those of you who like signs, there's an assortment of those, too including some new Clearview signs on Interstate 40 and a couple font variations such as these two signs on AR 100 near Maumelle:

AR 100 Series C

AR 100 Series B

I'll be leaving for a few days in Texas in the next couple weeks so I hope to come home with lots more photos to post. My goal is to reach 2300 photos by Christmas. We'll see. Gas may be cheap ($1.87 in parts of Arkansas), but the economy is the pits so that makes it hard to travel much.

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