Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Motor Voter

Arkansas has what's called "Motor Voter": you can register to vote at your local Department of Finance & Revenue Office (aka the driver's license office). When I moved 2 years ago, I transferred my voter registration to my new address. Simple, right? Well, not quite.

Today is Election Day and I went to my local polling place to cast my vote. I waited in line maybe 10 minutes... not long at all. But there was no record of my voter registration. It's been 2 years and there's no record of me? Somewhere between the DFA and the state voting office, my registration appears to have been lost. They even called the county courthouse and found no record of me. So, I wasn't allowed to vote. All they could do was hand me a new voter registration card and tell me I could vote in the next election.

I suppose I have no one to blame but myself: I should have verified my registration, but didn't.


Follow up:

I decided to drive back to my old town to vote (it was only an hour away). I waited maybe 5 minutes before voting. When I got done, I went chasing bridges ;)

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