Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Flickring

I have a few more photos up on Flickr, including a few from Tahlequah. Unfortunately, it was late in the day so I'll have to go back for a reshoot. I also made it over to Muskogee (actually, I went there first) and spent a couple hours exploring. I found a nice truss bridge over the KATY Railroad Court Street Viaduct-Side View

as well a few old traffic signalsOld Signal in Muskogee.

I had a really good find near Fort Gibson: an old railroad crossbuck LOOKOUT

I don't know how old it is, but you rarely see the wide crossbucks anymore and you definitely don't see "Railroad Crossing/ Look Out for the Cars".

I did manage to snag a couple signs in Tahlequah as the sun was going down such as "No Parking"

Tla Adi Yigi


Even a street sign: Corner of Guwaya Udeyasdi & Guso Galanudvi

Also a nice truss railroad bridge over the Illinois River near Gore
 Illinois River-UPRR Side View

I'll have to go back again, though: I got a couple shots of the Town Branch Creek bridge, but the  light wasn't good, so I'm not real happy with the photos


But that's something for another day.

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