Friday, January 16, 2009

Negatives and Positives

Well, due to an absence of work and a slowing down of SCA eventing due to the economy, I've been doing a lot of housecleaning this past week. I've set up a small sewing studio in the living room so I can make a few homemade items for Gulf Wars. This means I've been going through old boxes looking for stuff I don't need anymore and getting rid of it (Freecycle is your friend ;) ). Amongst other things, I found a bunch of old photos from school, church and Boy Scouts. Also some photos of my old SCA costume that "disappeared" many years ago (my van had been broken into and my costumes and half my merchandise were stolen).

I also found a whole bunch of old road photos and a large bunch of negatives. I have no idea why I have negatives, but no photos (maybe lost in the move 2 years ago), but at least I have those negatives so I can have new prints made. This time, I'll save everything to CD so I can find them again later.

A few items of possible interest: a brief appearance by AR 270 and AR 65B in Pine Bluff, some random traffic signal shots from Oklahoma & Missouri, a couple shots of the Pruitt Bridge (though I really need new photos) and a wall mural from Pawnee, Oklahoma (home of Chester Gould of Dick Tracy fame). Beyond that, who knows? I may have a couple gas station pics, but I'll have to see. Overall, I probably have 30-40 photos to have made, but probably only half will actually get posted...we'll see. Hopefully, I can have them ready by next weekend.

Those other photos? Well, maybe I'll post them to MySpace or maybe I'll just stick them in an envelope and let them sit another 20 years.

Well, I best be on my way. I just found out my scanner doesn't work well on photo negatives, so I'll talk to one of the local photo processors to see if they still print from film negatives.

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