Saturday, January 03, 2009

Something Old, Something New

I've added some more photos to my Flickr pages over the last couple days. Some of it is new, like the Big Lee Creek bridge near Short, OK : Big Lee Creek-Side View

But I've also added some more photos from my trip to Mississippi last March
including the US 11/49 bridge at Hattiesburg:
US11-49 Bridge

I don't know how I forgot to post those, but they're up now.

I'm still wanting to get to Tahlequah, but it probably won't be today. I'm also working on a tentative trip itinerary for this coming March when I'll again be headed for Lumberton, MS for Gulf Wars.
As of now, I am planning to tour US 51 between Memphis and Jackson. Return trip is still unknown. I may swing over to US 61 and follow it back to Memphis or I may continue my journey along US 80 west from Jackson. Then again, I missed so much in Baton Rouge two years ago, I may go back and continue my search for old US 71. We'll see.

*Sigh* So many roads, so little time. I need a TARDIS.

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