Monday, February 16, 2009

Sign Collectors: Victims of the Recession

As much as I like old maps, I also like old signs. I'm sure I've previously mentioned my e-bay stop sign (yellow with black square lettering), but I also have a replica of a US 66 cut-out sign
as well as a cut-out US71 sign One sign I've always wanted was a 1920's-30's era Arkansas cut-out. They are nearly impossible to find on e-bay and if you find one, they are pricey (as in $300+). I recently found a person on-line who has the specs for the old signs and has a source who can make them for him. I've been talking to "Jake" off and on for a few weeks trying to work out a deal (or rather, he's been trying to make me a deal). Well, money is way too tight right now for me to even think of getting a sign. Even though it only cost me around $80-$90, I just don't have that kind of funding right now without running up my credit cards. So I'm going to have to wait for the economy to improve before I can afford an AR 45 signor even an AR 68 sign.

I've also considered a cut-out AR 471 sign either 20's era or 50's era
since it only lasted 3 years and was never made as a cut-out (cut-outs were phased out around 1971).
Then again, where would I put them in my apartment? If I owned a house, I could put them in the game room or shop.

So, no signs for me, I suppose (as well as quite a few other collectors, I'm sure). I guess we're just more victims of the recession.

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