Sunday, March 08, 2009

Buckle Up (OR ELSE!)

Seat Belts Required

If you're travelling along Arkansas's Highways anytime after July 1st, make sure you've buckled your seat belt. Arkansas' Governor has signed into law a requirement that all motorists must be buckled up. That's old new there since that's been around for a number of years. What is new is not being buckled up will now be a Primary Offense rather than a Secondary Offense. Before now, the police could cite you for not wearing your safety belt, but only if you were stopped for another offense. The new law means the police can stop you simply for not being buckled up.

Lest you think it's all about safety, it isn't. The federal government is giving Arkansas an additional $9.5 million in highway funds for passing this measure. Now, while Arkansas could use the money for various construction projects (including I-49), I disagree with forcing the issue with buckling your safety belt. Now, I've always worn mine... it was ingrained into me at a young age. But I know several folks who never wear theirs. If you want to wear it, fine. If not, that's your prerogative. However, I object to the state not only forcing you to wear it, but also to allowing the police to stop you simply for not wearing it. Does that mean they can stop me if they suspect, even if I am wearing it? This sounds too much like "Big Brother".

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Chris said...

Totally DISAGREE with the new safety belt law!!!! If I have the right to bear arms or the right to free speech how the hell are you going to tell me I have to wear a seat belt????? It's bogus! I have been in more car accidents than most people do their whole lives and have not had a seat belt on in any of them and havent had one injury. In a couple of them I would have died had I worn a seat belt. Sherwood just pulled me over for a seat belt infraction. The cop made a U-turn not even knowing if I was wearing a seatbelt or not so he pulled beside me at the stop light and when he saw I didnt have one on he pulls me over and then calls a second unit.....absolutely ridiculous!!! It is a ploy just for revenue and just so the cops can pull you over period without an excuse!!! I would love to file a class action law suit against this ridiculous law that I should have had the right to vote on!