Sunday, March 08, 2009

Change of Plans?

There may be a change in plans for my trip to Mississippi this coming week. Originally, I planned to travel US 71 to Shreveport, then US 80 to Jackson, MS. My return trip was intended to be US 190 to Baton Rouge then old US 71 back to Arkansas (including a possible ride on the Melville Ferry).
Well, all of that may have changed. After consulting with a couple more road scholars (or road geeks if you prefer) I am tentatively changing my routing to US 61 between Memphis and Vicksburg, then US 80 to Jackson. I've clinched almost all of US 80 between Jackson and Meridian, so Vicksburg to Jackson would complete that circuit.

Why the change? A couple reasons:
#1 Since my return trip will probably be via US 71, there will be less redundancy.
#2 The information I've recently received seems to indicate more things to see along US 61 than US 80 (including major construction, old alignments, etc).

So it looks like it will be US 61 on the trip south , preceded, in part, by a drive down US 70. If I get an early enough start, maybe I'll stop for a look at the old Harahan Bridge.

As I said, my return trip is likely to be old US 71 from Baton Rouge
(now LA 77, LA 10 from Baton Rouge to Lebeau), but I may detour to finish US 49 in Mississippi. Last year I completed everything north of Wiggins, so this year I want to complete the rest of the route (though I'm normally not one to clinch a highway just for the sake of clinching). Of course, that's 2 weeks away so my plans may change yet again. I only get to this area around once a year, so I want to see as much as I can in the few days I have available.

If you see a green minivan with a yellow SCA sticker, won't you stop and say "hi"? ;)

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