Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not an Error ?

Oklahoma is interesting. A lot of their smaller towns still have the old 4Way traffic signals... you know: the all in one signal that hangs in the middel of the intersection. There is one left in Hugo,
Hugo Signal Change

and I have since found 3 in Poteau Green-Yellow 

and 2 in Pawnee 

Plus another in Idabel Blank Signal 

Now, as you can tell from the photos, these signals do odd things like blank out or show two lights at once. Depending who you ask it's either an intentional design or a flaw resulting from worn out controllers. Or maybe it's a combination of both? All I really know is Oklahoma seems to have a higher percentage of old 4Ways than many other states do (I've seen zero in Kansas and only 1 or 2 in Missouri, but at least 4 in Mississippi). There's even a rare 4Way near  McAlester.

 Out of Service in McAlester

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