Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sign Here ;)

One thing I did this Summer was expand my meager sign collection.  I love old signs, but haven't the money nor space for them. I had been talking with "Agent Steel" over on AA Roads Forum about possibly procuring an old sign or two (or more accurately: a reproduction of an old sign).  I already have a US 71 sign and a US 66 sign so I opted for a state shield, but what number? I used to live on 45, but 68 was replaced by US 412.  Finally, I had my inspiration: AR 471. 471 only existed for 2 or 3 years in the 1980's (replacing old US 71 in NW Arkansas, then becoming US 71B). How better to remember AR 471 than with a 1930's cut-out shield: I'll post a photo of the actual shield later. I'm still looking for the "perfect" spot to hang it.

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