Monday, November 30, 2009


That's I-49, US 71 and LA 168 ;)

That trip to Texas & Louisiana I took recently? It gave me an opportunity to check on the progress of I-49 north of Shreveport. It's coming along, but won't be done any time soon. Between Hosston and Mira, there are few signs of progress. Here, it will cross under US 71:

A couple miles north and west it will cross over Mira-Myrtis Rd

Another couple miles, it will pass under LA 168

I have one little problem with 168: the surrounding area has flooding problems, as witnessed by nearby signage (which I forgot to photograph). If I-49 is passing on ground level, what's to keep it from flooding? I can only hope Louisiana's DOTD has taken this into consideration and is planning some major drainage improvements. Let's come back in 5 or 10 years and see if there's a flooding problem, shall we?

Now, as far as construction on I-49 in Arkansas: yes, there is some. But it's nowhere near this level of completion. But then, they only have maybe 5 miles of work? Louisiana has much, much more.

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