Monday, November 09, 2009

The Coming of I-49

One of the projects included in the ARRA was construction along several small segments of future Interstate 49. Missouri has at least 3 projects in progress north of Carthage (at MO 126, Secondary Route DD and Secondary Route V), but I'll have more on those another time.  In Arkansas, the only work I know of is east of Fort Smith along AR 22 near AR 59.

I-49 will actually cut through part of Fort Chaffee, crossing AR 22 just to the west. 

Where's the Bridge? This small segment was built along Fort Smith Blvd at Chaffee Crossing last year. Since then, work has started on expanding this part of the roadway.

 These bridge piers will form part of an interchange at AR 22, while this area awaits construction.


And here we have what appears to be a future ramp 

Since these photos were taken back in August, more bridge piers have been constructed south of AR 22, almost up to the roadway itself.  On the north side of the future interchange, not a lot has changed... or at least nothing that is visible from the road. I have seen several construction trucks traveling in and out of the area, so I'll have to sneak up there some weekend and get a better look at the progress.

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