Monday, November 30, 2009

Please Explain

Please explain to me why a major "bargain" motel chain has ashtrays in their non-smoking rooms? I don't care that there's a No Smoking logo on the bottom... why have ashtrays at all?
Well, I've been given 2 answers: #1 "Corporate Policy"  #2 "Talk to the Franchisee".
So, does this mean neither side knows what the other is thinking or doing? I can't say I'm totally surprised: based on my experiences, many hotel companies seem interested in little more than collecting their franchise fees and commissions. 

Something else, as well: why does your friendly neighborhood "no frills" bargain chain have custom bedspreads with their name plastered all over them? If they are truly "no frills" why do the bars of soap have the motel's logo molded into them? 

Now, maybe I'm just cynical, but I truly wonder if Tom Bodett has ever stayed at a Motel 6?

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