Sunday, December 27, 2009

35 Cent Rant

I spent a few days in Missouri over the holiday and came home to no milk and no cereal in the house. OK, I knew about that, so no big deal.

I decided to treat myself to breakfast at the nearby Waffle House. Seems like they're almost always busy, no matter which one I go to (there are 2 here, plus I occasionally patronize them while traveling). No matter... I almost always grab a set at the counter.

I was hungry, not having had a decent meal since breakfast the day before (chicken strips are NOT a meal, they're a snack), so I ordered their "All Star Breakfast": 2 eggs, waffle, bacon, toast, hash browns... and I ordered a "Regular" orange juice off the Dollar Menu. The food was decent overall, though the bacon was a trifle overdone. I'm a bit surprised how quickly I devoured everything.  

When I went to pay for my meal, I found I was charged $1.35 for my orange juice. I asked about it and was told that was the price for a "Regular" orange juice. What about the Dollar Menu? "What Dollar Menu?". Well, after I put up a big fuss, they adjusted my bill. Now, I can see this maybe happening with a new server, but not with someone who has been there a while. I eat there about once every 2-3 months and the staff hasn't changed much (except for the cooks), so why the error? This has happened here before and at 4 other Waffle Houses... and they all deny the Dollar Menu until I show it to them. What gives? Hoping I won't notice? 

I've contacted Waffle House's customer service line only to be told I need to talk with the franchisee. Is it me or is that passing the blame? I find it very disappointing when a multi-million dollar corporation seems to act as if it's someone else's problem. Yes, it's only 35 cents, but it's the principle of the thing. 

End rant.

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