Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's Just Ten Cents

I have a tendency to eat a lot of fast food when I'm traveling. Sometimes, it's a few chicken tenders from some roadside convenience store, sometimes it's a Subway sandwich. Occasionally (very rarely if I can help it), I'll stop at McDonald's. Admittedly, I'd rather stop at a Whataburger or some local hamburger place (like Canton Texas "World Famous Dairy Palace"), but sometimes it McDonald's.

If you look at their menu, you'll see something like "Hamburger 89 cents" and "Cheeseburger 99 cents", but if you want a Quarter Pounder, the menu only offers a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese". You can get it without the cheese (which I do), but you get some dirty looks from the employees. Now the funny thing is, if a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is $2.49 (I'm not sure anymore... it's been a while), a Quarter Pounder without Cheese should be $2.39, right? Wrong! It's the same price as the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. So, why is that?

First I asked the manager ("it's just 10 cents"). Next, I asked the franchisee (wrote their office) and was told "corporate sets our prices". OK, so I ask corporate: "our franchisee determines how much to charge based upon market conditions".  Hmmm... so the franchise says it's corporate's problem and corporate says it's the franchisee's problem. So, who's job is it?  This strikes me as not wanting to take any responsibility... to let someone else worry about it.

Y'know: maybe if people DID take responsibility instead of saying "it's someone else's problem", maybe the world wouldn't be in half as bad shape as it's in right now. But what do I know: I'm just a road scholar/road geek.

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