Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Only in Oklahoma

Strange doings in Oklahoma. Near Wellston,OK, there is a toll booth next to a McDonalds. No, I kid you not. During the Oklahoma City Road Meet this past June, we found this McDonald's sitting next to on-ramp for Westbound I-44.

The ramp actually cuts through the parking lot.  So which came first? The on-ramp or the McDonald's?



Kind of makes you wonder how much of a discount McDonald's got for the land.

We started calling it the "Ronald McDonald Memorial Toll Booth".  Now if you want to stop at McDonald's and not go through the toll gate (it's one way: so there's no U turns, no way back), there is a small parking area just before the the toll gate

Still, it makes you wonder "what were they thinking"?


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Snowed In said...

That ramp (and toll booth) was a later addition. I recall during my many trips on the Turner in the 80s and 90s that the OK-66 exit sign said (at the time) "no westbound on-ramp".