Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Say what you will about Arkansas highways and AHTD's signing practices, they always seem to do amusing/odd things. One of my favorites is posting the wrong route shield.

Usually, it's using a state shield for a US Route such as this sign near Beaver:  Jct AR 62

But they also get it wrong the other way such as this sign for AR 162 at Alma
US 162 ??

Most recently, I found another. This time in Van Buren
Can You Spot the Error?Actually, this one isn't wrong. It's the one behind it:
Right Number, Wrong Shield

Now, I can sort of see how someone might become confused: this road was US 59 back in the mid 1930's. Well, it was actually TEMP US 59. Oklahoma was upgrading old OK 17 to be part of US 59 so it was temporarily detoured through western Arkansas...but that was 70 years ago! This has been State Route 59 since at least 1940.

Now, want to see something really confusing?Left or Right?

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