Saturday, January 02, 2010

Gas Pains

Well, as I'm sure everyone has noticed, gas prices are on the rise again. The lowest point around here was about $2.289 for Regular Unleaded. Now, the average price is around $2.499, which makes shopping for the best price that much more important.

I was in Fayetteville last week running some errands and decided I needed to get gas before heading home (when on the road, I don't like going below 1/4 tank). I saw one station charging $2.499, but thought I could do better.  A couple miles down the road I saw EZ Mart advertising $2.439 for Regular Unleaded, so I stopped. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the pump to find the price was $2.489 (!). 

So I went inside to ask the clerk about the difference. Yes, he knew the sign said $2.439. Yes, he knew the pump said $2.489. The reason? Some mumbled comment about how the manager didn't change the sign.

Well, obviously, I decided not to get gas. Fortunately, I found a Shamrock station another 2 miles down the road advertising $2.439 and the pump matched the sign. 

Times like this, I'm glad I keep my camera handy ;)

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