Monday, June 28, 2010

Railroad Oddity

Just got home from my annual trip to Kansas City (well, OK... it's been a couple days.) I didn't get quite as many photos this time as I'd hoped, but I got a few. I found a section of the old Jefferson Road between Nevada & Rich Hill, MO, an abandoned section of old US 71 (and lost bridge) near there, plus a few other items I'll be posting to my Flickr pages.

The oddest thing I found was a railroad crossing in Belton, MO. Instead of the traditional red signals or simply a crossbuck, this had a yellow strobe light at either end:

I've never seen this before, so I did a little research: the strobes seem to be to warn the trains when there is traffic present (as opposed to signals warning traffic). This is apparently used only at low volume crossings.

There's not a lot of information available on this set-up. So far, I've not found any other examples.

Now, while I was taking my photos, something else caught my eye: a pair of old steam locomotives


These were parked in the rail yard along with a few other cars. Being a Sunday, there really wasn't anyone to ask about the trains, but they appear to simply be on public display. There was an information car, but no one was working. So I guess I'll have to back again sometime. Maybe I can find out more about the yellow strobe lights as well.

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