Tuesday, June 01, 2010

RIP Poteau River US 271

Just got back yesterday from a weekend in Texas. My camera is broken so I didn't get to take any photos, but I DID take the scenic route coming home. At Eufaula, OK I turned off US 69 and followed OK 9 to Pocola. 

I got a quick glimpse of the road construction along US 59, but didn't stop for photos since I had no camera. 

Just west of Spiro, OK 9 joins US 271 on its trek towards Arkansas. When you near Pocola, there's a beautiful 1940's truss bridge over the Poteau River:

Poteau River Bridge-Overview

or WAS. ODOT has removed the bridge to make way for a UCEB (Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge). I'm disappointed. ODOT told me in December of 2008 it would be several years before it was replaced (a new bridge for westbound traffic has just recently been completed), but I guess they found the money somewhere to finish the job.

Bummer. :`(

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