Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 Highway, 3 alignments

I was in Beebe, Arkansas recently and continued some research into old alignments of US 67. Being a major North-South highway between Little Rock and Missouri, it has been upgraded and improved numerous times. Based upon some old maps and personal research, I have found 3 separate alignments.

(1) 1926 Original alignment: north from Ward to US 64 approx a mile west of Beebe. East to Beebe then northwest along East Center St (now US 67B)

(2) 1939 Alignment: northwest from Ward along current AR 367. Old 67 through Beebe becomes US64C.

(3) 1973 Alignment: current 4 Lane alignment just west of Ward and Beebe.

This map puts all 3 alignments in perspective:

1926, 1939, 1973

Very little remains of 67's original alignment.  If you look closely, when you're driving along AR 367 north of Ward, you can see a faint path from US 67's original alignment.  From US 64, old 67 is a narrow 2-Lane street which dead-ends into the woods near modern 67.

Eventually, I want to track US 67 from Little Rock to the Missouri State Line, possibly from Little Rock to Texarkana as well (I've actually already tracked part of 67 near Texarkana).

Why? Because it's there. Because I have a fascination with old roads. 

I'm also working on US 71, but that's best left for another day.

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