Friday, July 02, 2010

Going soon. It's time to say goodbye.

As we say "hello" to July, it's time to say good-bye to the Greenville-Lake Village Bridge. Opened in September 1940, the Greenville-Lake Village bridge spans the Mississippi River along US 82. Also known as the Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge, the bridge has, alas, outlived its usefulness and will soon be razed.

Having driven across the bridge a number of times, I can tell you it's a little nerve wracking. Its total deck width is only 24 feet, meaning it has but 2 narrow travel lanes and no shoulder. That isn't too bad unless there's an on-coming semi-trailer truck or a speed demon on your tail. Still, I hate to see it go... most modern bridges have no personality.

The new bridge, a cable stayed bridge, is being built just to the south of the current bridge. It will have 4 12-foot travel lanes, plus shoulders. Kind of fancy looking, if you ask me:

So, perhaps the old bridge's time has come, but it doesn't make me any happier: I hate to see the old bridges go. There seem to be so few left and growing fewer every year. Too bad no one ever thinks of making one of these a pedestrian bridge like the old Chain of Rocks bridge.

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