Thursday, July 01, 2010

Peek a Boo

Anyone who has been to Kansas City in the last year the US 71/MO 150 Interchange is being rebuilt. Traffic is a big mess trying to negotiate all the lane switches & detours. One of the Detour MO 150 signs caught my attention when I was up there a couple weeks ago:

I'm super sizing this photo you can get a good look at it. You can see the Missouri route shield and the route number (150), but something else is there: there appears to be another route number underneath. It looks as if it may be 350. But beyond that, there appears to be the outline of another route shield... something round. But Missouri doesn't have round route shields. So what can it be? Is it a rescued pre-meat cleaver Oklahoma shield? Is it a contractor error using a circle for a Missouri State Route instead of the silhouette? Looking again, I think I see 32 on one of the layers.

Only other thing I can figure out is maybe it's a reused detour sign from Iowa.

I'll probably never know for sure.

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