Friday, January 14, 2011

Gas Pains

I'm not going to discuss the high price of gasoline. There are enough other blogs and websites discussing this, that I'd only add to the "noise".

However, I'd like to relay my own personal experience with filling up.

My van's gas gauge was down to 1/4 tank, so I pulled in at the local Murphy USA. I've had my van 7 years now and know from experience that it holds just over 16 gallons. When the gauge is down to 1/4 it will take 12-14 gallons. Well, the pump kept going and going and finally stopped... at 16.6 gallons.

WTF? That's about as much as my van will hold. If I'm down to 1/4 tank, why did it take 16+ gallons? I've already looked: I have no leaks. Something isn't right.

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