Saturday, January 15, 2011

UP's Great Excursion

Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure
Union Pacific Railroad presents the Great Excursion Adventure. Visitors to the website can vote for one of four Routes: the Tuscola Turn (Boone, IA to West Chicago, then south to Tuscola, IL), the Little Rock Express (Kansas City to St Louis, then south to Little Rock), the Baton Rouge Rambler (Dallas to Shreveport, then south to Baton Rouge), or the Boise Limited (Salt Lake City to Pocatello, ID, the NW to Boise).
Looks like it's going to be Tuscola or Little Rock. As of right now, Tuscola is ahead by around 100 votes. Voting ends Monday, so please vote for Little Rock ;)

UPDATE 1-18-2011: Little Rock Express wins!

Final tallies:
76,217 for Little Rock
73,175 for Tuscola
18,070 for Baton Rouge
11,213 for Boise

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