Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 Ton Truck Meets 3 Ton Bridge

Courtesy of KTHV:

Truck collapses historic Conway Co. bridge

MORRILTON, Ark. (KTHV) -- A historic bridge in Conway County collapsed under the weight of a truck Monday.

A truck with Sweet H20 Transfer Services crossed over the Fryer Bridge in Conway County. It's located about eight and a half miles north of Morrilton off Highway 95.

There is a 3-ton weight limit on the bridge, but the truck actually weighted more than 18,000 pounds, closer to 9 tons.

According to Larry Miller with Morrilton Community Channel 6, the driver says he was driving across the bridge and it started "waving on him." He says he made it across and it collapsed behind him. The top of the bridge struck the top of his hose track, but he was able to get off the bridge.

A 9 Ton truck on a 3 Ton bridge? STUPID! IGNORANT! IDIOT!

I am so angry I'm at a loss for words. Doesn't anybody pay attention anymore or do they simply not give a damn? He says he has crossed it before? If so, then he has been slowly destroying it each time he crossed it.

I hope they can rebuild it. I also hope this idiot and his company pay for the repairs.

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MKelly said...

A smiliar thing happened in Bell County Texas near Belton Texas to the old Historic Lampasas River bridge. Traffic was diverted off the I-35 near the historic bridge. Heavy trucks preceeded to cross the over 100 year old one lane truss bridge. Then a car slammed into one of the supports near the bridge entrance and took the bridge down. So sad to hear about another historic bridge getting trashed by an careless driver.