Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trick Signals

Every June, I spend a week up at Smithville Lake near Kansas City doing the SCA thing. I usually go up at least one day early and come back home at least one day late so I can go exploring. I could spend a week up there and still not see everything.

Every year, I explore a different area. This year was Excelsior Springs and Liberty. Leaving the lake, I drove east on MO 92 to Excelsior Springs then through town on old US 69, eventually winding up in Liberty.

I noticed in Liberty that part of MO 33 had been decommissioned. I guess the town didn't like the large trucks rumbling down the road (I saw several NO TRUCKS signs).

When I got to old 33 and Main St (aka Route H), I saw the strangest thing: a three lens traffic signal with NO Yellow signal: it appeared to be Red with two Green Arrows.

So I had to stop and take a couple photos just so I could post it on my Flickr page, but while I was doing that, the signal changed to Yellow (!)

My initial reaction was WTF? The it dawned on me: dual LED's in the lenses. That seemed strange to me. Maybe it was cheaper than a 4 Lens set-up with Red, Yellow and 2 Green Arrows?

I saw a similar set-up along MO 152 for a Flashing Yellow Arrow set-up, but it was Red Arrow, Steady Yellow Arrow, Green Arrow/Flashing Yellow Arrow (alternating)

OK, that was different. I assumed all FYA's were a 4 lens set-up (Red Arrow, Steady Yellow Arrow, Flashing Yellow Arrow, Steady Green Arrow).

I have yet to spot this anywhere else besides Liberty, so maybe this is just a local phenomenon.

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Brian R. said...

I know I'm a week into responding to this, but I just wanted to point out that the signal you describe is similar to one I saw in Rochester, NY, last Labor Day weekend. Although I never saw this signal change to yellow, I'm fairly certain the face on the right uses dual LED sections. Those sections seemed to be fairly common in the parts of New York that I traveled (and the parts of Ontario I went through coming back home), although I saw plenty of five-section shared faces, too.