Monday, August 22, 2011

Not So Special

It's Monday Mania at Papa John's Pizza: All Large Pizzas including Specialty Pizzas $8.99. So I decide to try the Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza. SURPRISE! It's on "special" for $10. Their website won't allow me to order it for $8.99. Reason? The local store tells me it's because it is a special deal anyway, so it's not discounted any further. But the website specifically says All Large Pizzas including Specialty Pizzas $8.99. So not all large pizzas are on sale, just the ones they say are on sale.

In the end, I settled for pepperoni, spicy sausage and parmesan/roman cheese blend. It wasn't bad, and I have enough left for breakfast in the morning.

So, Mr "Papa John" Schnatter: next time you say "All Large Pizzas", don't forget to say "except Double Layered Premium Pepperoni Pizza" or whatever other exemptions you choose to make from your "special". Be a shame if someone actually reported you for deceptive advertising.

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