Friday, August 05, 2011

R.I.P. Pizza by Stout

The end of an era: Pizza by Stout is no more!

Pizza by Stout was probably one of my all time favorite places, as good as King Pizza or maybe slightly better. Hard to say since they were so similar: yeast-risen crust, spicy sauce (but not TOO spicy), generous toppings and provolone cheese. Stout also had over 100 kinds of beer.

You may remember me mentioning the restaurant was destroyed by the May 22 tornado which hit Joplin. At that time, the owners were unsure if they could start again, but some loyal customers started a Facebook page asking them to rebuild.

Well, on July 31, the following message was posted:

"To our loyal and steadfast employees and customers,

After much consideration, it is with regret that we will not be rebuilding Pizza by Stout. It has been
our great privilege to have been blessed with the greatest restaurant staff anywhere and wonderful customers, all of whom will be missed greatly.

Thanks for the memories and God bless you all,

Betty, Joy, Mike, Casey, Nicole, and, of course, Willard"

Well, I guess I can't blame them: starting over from scratch would be hard. I feel a little sick knowing my favorite pizza place is no more. I understand, but I don't like it. I just feel like a part of my life is gone.

Good-bye! I'll miss you :`(

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