Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Larry (and Good-bye)

We have a new pizza place in town: Larry's Pizza. It appears to be an Arkansas-based chain of about a dozen locations. With my "addiction" to pizza, I thought I would give them a try.

In a word: disappointing. When I arrived, there were maybe 2 slices of pizza on the hot table. Looked like chocolate cream pie pizza. But there were cheese sticks, so I grabbed a couple of them and waited for more pizza to come out... and eventually, it did.

Larry's doesn't put pizzas on the hot table, but sends a server around with whatever variety the cook decided to make: Pepperoni, Apple Pie Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Canadian Bacon, Bacon, and Cheddar, Baked Potato Pizza, etc. Once they make the rounds, whatever is left is put on the hot table. There was also a Pepperoni and a "Meat Madness" that made the rounds. Everything is thin crust and limp. I always thought thin crust was supposed to be crisp, Larry's Pizza, isn't.

I tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza, but all I could taste was cheap BBQ sauce, but the Canadian Bacon-Bacon-Cheddar wasn't bad. There was one that I think was supposed to be Buffalo Chicken, but all I could taste was hot sauce. I finished my slice, but I didn't care much for it. As far as old stand-by's like Pepperoni & Sausage or plain Sausage, there weren't any. Almost everything they brought out was a "Specialty Pizza": Margarita, Bavarian Cream, Chicken Fajita,etc.

Seems like I had to wait a long time for the next pizza to make the rounds. Either the cook was really slow or this is their way of controlling food costs by hoping it all disappears before putting any more food out. Couldn't they make four pizzas and have four servers circling the dining room?

Something else I found odd: I paid when I walked in the door, but they prepared my beverage, as opposed to most "Pay in Advance" places where they give you a glass and you get your own drink. If I wanted a refill, I had to walk up to the front counter to get it: the servers only bring pizza or clear tables. Or maybe it was because I didn't tip when I paid for my meal, but I firmly believe in tipping AFTER (you want a tip? Earn it, don't "blackmail" me into tipping upfront).

So, overall, I was rather disappointed. Will I go back? Not anytime soon, and quite possibly never.

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