Friday, November 25, 2011

Cagey defines cagey as an adjective meaning tricky. Yup, that just about sums up it up. I have found what I consider cagey behavior at K&G aka Kum & Go.

I drink a lot of tea when I'm on the road. Usually, I have a refill cup with me so I save e few pennies on my drink. Kum & Go advertises 32 oz beverages for $1.19 plus tax, but in really fine print, they say refills are 89 cents. Yet, nearly every Kum & Go I stop at charges me full price for my refill. Do they not hear me when I tell them it's a refill. I had one manager try to tell me they don't have a refill price (so why is it posted?).

This is, IMO, quite dishonest. They advertise a special price for refills, then refuse to honor that price. I suppose shame on me for still going in and still expecting them to honor the refill price. Yet, not every c-store has fountain tea: that's why I stop in. I like to stop at Quik Trip, too, but I don't see them very often anymore since they left the Springfield, MO area.

I suppose I'll just have to find someone else who has tea and will give me a price break for having my own cup (even if it IS from K&G).

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