Wednesday, November 09, 2011


H is for Hell. H is also for Hospital.

Yes, I've been through Hell and I've been in the hospital. Long story short, I went to an SCA gathering in Springfield, MO and came down with pneumonia. I wound up spending 9 days in St John's Mercy Hospital. NOT my idea of a good time.

I got sick on Friday, went to the hospital on Saturday and finally got out the following Sunday. Of course, I was ready to go by Wednesday, but the doctor kept insisting on "one more test". When I finally got the OK to leave, the nurses wouldn't let me because nobody told them I was OK to leave.


So I've been home about 10 days now after spending a few days at my mom's apartment getting my strength back. I'm better now, though I seem to be tiring easily. Guess I just need to rest a bit.

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