Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End

Well, the end for 2011, at least. I didn't make the 6000  photo mark I was aiming for on Flickr. Looks like around 5005. I'm not even sure where I started last January.
So let's say I'm at 5000 photos right now (though I still have a few to add). By this time next year, maybe I can be at 7500 photos.  That's a LOT of photos! 
It will help if I don't get sick and find more opportunities to go exploring, especially in areas I haven't explored much.
I'm hoping to go out tomorrow for a few hours and check things out in my area, probably along the Pig Trail.
Sometime this next year, I want to explore the US 67 expressway north of Little Rock as well as parts of old US 63 between Jonesboro and West Memphis. I'm hoping AR 530 will be open at Pine Bluff so I can explore it as well. I just need to make some time and save up some gas money.
But I'm pretty much tapped out for now. I think I'll call it a night.

Happy New Year!
-US 71

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