Friday, March 02, 2012

Free Upgrade $36

After months of debating the pros and cons, I finally took the plunge and upgraded my cell phone to a Smartphone. Since I'm on the road a lot, I figured I could use better weather info as well as e-mail access and GPS navigation (though that takes the fun out of making a wrong turn and finding a forgotten bridge ;))
I've had wireless service with AT&T (formerly Cingular) for nearly six years and while my phone still works, it was a basic model when I bought it and is practically a "dinosaur" by today's cell phone standards. I went to AT&T's website and they offered me a free upgrade to a better phone. I looked around at several phones and also looked at a few in their retail store. I almost bought one in the store, but wanted to explore more options.
So I finally settle on a phone and place my order for my free upgrade. I ordered my phone ("free" with a 2 year contract vs $30 with a contract at the retail shop), selected a data plan ($20 a month vs $30 bought through the retailer) and proceeded to check out. Lo, and behold I was charged $36 for upgrading my phone. The "free" upgrade? That was the "free" phone I got when I signed a new 2 year contract. 
That's not exactly a "free" upgrade. That almost sounds like "Bait and Switch". It's no wonder AT&T is rated lowest of all wireless companies in terms of customer satisfaction (per Consumer Reports).

Now, I've (thankfully) had very few problems with them over the years, so I'm hoping that continues... but I'm watching you, AT&T! You screw me over, you'll hear from me!

Update: my phone ringer quit after 5 days and one of the control buttons has quit working. Thankfully, it's still under warranty.

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