Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Feel SO Safe Here... NOT!!

On my way home from Mississippi (by way of Pensacola), I took my time coming home, opting to follow US 98 to Natchez, Mississippi then up US 65.
Well the weather changed my plans: the threat of severe storms made me head north on I-55 at McComb, Mississippi and head straight towards Memphis. Good thing, too: Natchez, Vicksburg, and Port Gibson all had tornado warnings during the afternoon, so my detour was probably for the best.

I stopped for gas at West Memphis (using the Gas Buddy app on my smartphone to save 14 cents a gallon), then headed west on I-40. I hit a few small patches of rain, but nothing heavy until I got close to Brinkley. It was coming down fairly heavy there and then I hit another problem: a traffic back-up. There must have been an accident west of town because traffic on I-40 was backed up for several miles, at times to the point of not moving at all.  By then, it was close to 6pm and I knew I probably wouldn't make it home before 11 between the rain and the slow traffic. So I opted to pull off at US 49 and find me a motel. Using the TripAdvisor app, I found a Motel 6... I really should have known better.

The only rooms they had available (so they said) were upstairs. I HATE upstairs: if I'm downstairs, I can park in front of my door and keep an eye on my van. But the room was relatively clean and it was spacious for a Motel 6 (it had recently been re-branded from Days Inn as was apparent from all the sunshine logos built into the building design.).  The furnishings were somewhat worn looking and the bed was kind of hard. What disturbed me the most was the broken door chain
Well, it was late, I was tired and I didn't feel like driving on in the dark and the rain, so I opted to stay the night, but not without sticking a chair under the door handle for security.

In the morning, I noticed many of the downstairs rooms were still vacant... so why was I told "upstairs only"?  I also decided to document the slowly crumbling condition of the motel...until the owner chased me off. 

I will probably never stop here again. I'm debating totally giving up on Motel 6, yet Super 8 isn't much better, though higher priced. BUT WAIT: I can earn free nights! Spend twice as much for a room and after 10 stays, receive a free night. 

Maybe I should just buy an RV... but then I couldn't travel the backroads as easily looking for bridges :(

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M86 said...

Reminds me of a Super 8 that I stayed at in Tulsa. It was a couple of years ago, and I was 23 years old, and the front desk clerk started hounding me as soon as I opened my mouth to say "I was wondering if you had any available rooms". His first words were "You can't party here", and then went on and on (Apparently when you're young, and wanting a hotel room, it automatically equals "partying"). I was in total shock... I was too tired to go elsewhere, and I just wanted a room for the night. After I was able to assure him that there would be no "partying", he booked me a room.

It was the most filthy hotel I had ever stayed at. I was scared to even sleep in the bed. I grew up very near to the birthplace of Super 8 (I actually worked at their call center for reservations in high school... It encompassed the Wyndham brand hotels), so I hold them in high regard. I've stayed in some awesome Super 8s and some "just OK" Super 8s, but this one was an utter embarrassment.

And yes, TripAdvisor is now my best friend! lol Sorry you had a bad experience... I know how it goes!