Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Sorry

I returned home last Thursday from 2 weeks in Mississippi and Florida. I went to an SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) gathering in Mississippi for a week, then spent a day in Pensacola, Florida (it was only 3 more hours away).

I spent part of that day driving around town seeing sights and looking for bridges and signs to photograph and spent a couple hours playing on the beach. I also found a very good, if pricey, seafood restaurant: Bonefish Grill. More on that another time.

In Pensacola, I stayed at a Motel 6: I shopped around on my (new) smartphone looking for a good deal on a motel room and decided Motel 6 looked acceptable. WRONG!

The motel itself looked like it was starting to fall apart. The carpet in the room was filthy and the bathroom looked like it had been only half done. The bed was comfortable enough, though the pillows were flat (must be a Motel 6 standard). The TV was set so it came on blaring at full volume and on a channel that wasn't working.
The worst part was some old guy who was always standing outside and frequently walked by my room. Was he the owner? He never spoke, but always seemed to be watching me.  He was casually dressed, but still dressed too well to be a vagrant.
Actually, the worst part was someone came into my room while I was gone to dinner and went through my stuff. Thankfully, nothing appeared to be missing. This was around 6 in the evening, so it wasn't housekeeping.

The morning I checked out (I stayed for 2 nights, though I should have left after one), the old man was watching me again. He must have been the owner. He obviously must have no life if all he does is wander the grounds and spy on people.

After I returned home, I received a survey from Motel 6 asking me how my stay was, and I told them:: about the dirty carpet, the dirty shower and people coming into my room when I wasn't there. I received a response from the manager within a few hours of filling out the survey: I am sorry that your experience did not meet your expectations. 

Really? Your motel is a filthy dump where guests are spied on and all you can say is "I'm sorry we didn't meet your expectations" ? Tell you what, Mr Manager: you may as well tell Tom Bodett to turn out the light, because I won't be back... oh wait: you never turned ON the light. That's why your sign wasn't lit at night. 

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