Monday, May 14, 2012

Sad & Ironic

It's somewhat sad and a bit ironic that a Road Scholar would know more about highways than the state department of transportation. 
It's been over a year now since LADOTD (Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development) closed the Melville Ferry along LA 10 at Melville. The reason given was that it cost too much and carried too little traffic.
Now, after looking at lots of old maps, I figured out this section of LA 10 was originally part of US 71 until circa 1935. When I contacted LADOTD about the closing of the Melville Ferry, I asked them how it was, citing that LA 10 was an old alignment of US 71 as well as possibly the Jefferson Trail before that.
Well, they knew nothing about it: nothing about how old the ferry was, nor any knowledge of LA 10 being part of original US 71 / Jefferson Trail.
I guess if I really want to know more, I'll have to go down there in person and do some research on my own.

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