Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Progress

Let's see if I can start getting caught up here.

Back in June, I made my annual trek to Smithville Lake for an SCA gathering. To do this required taking US 71 up to Kansas City...not that it's a bad thing ;)

The trip gave me an opportunity to check the progress of the US 71/I-49 upgrade. For those who haven't been following: US 71 from near Pineville, MO to the Three Trails Crossing (Grandview Triangle) is being upgraded to I-49. MoDOT has been working hard on upgrading &/or eliminating at grade crossings to prepare for this. Latest word it 49 may become official as soon as mid-December.

But to make all that happen, you also need ...signs (!). As I've mentioned before, MoDOT in the process of erecting signs for I-49. I posted back in March that milesposts were beginning to appear north of I-44 and a few exit signs.

By June, that had expanded to almost the entire length of Future I-49. The first sign heading north is for Pineville , followed by the first 49/71 overhead sign (though 49 is blanked out until it becomes official):

The first independent signage is just north of Route H, though again, 49 is missing until it becomes official.
I won't clutter the blog with tons of signs since you can to to Flickr for that. As I've noted previously, Exit 39 A-B-C is  MO FF, I-44 and MO 249.

Exits 46 A-B  will be MO 59 South and I-44

Exit 56 will be Routes V D north of Carthage

Exit 66 will be Routes H K near Jasper.

There is no exit sign yet, but judging by mileposts, Bus 71 at Nevada will be Exit 100.
(correction: it will be Exit 101)

Based on the milepostsI-435/I-470 at Three Trails Crossing will likely be Exit 183, though it's not posted as of yet.

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to where I-49 will actually end. The END sign is just past Three Trails Crossing, but mileposts continue to Bannister Road
I guess we'll find out.


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